Popgadget and Search Engine Journal Weigh In

April 14th, 2008

Hoyun Kim at Popgadget touches a current frustration with search:

“More and more, it seems that what comes up at the top in browser search results is determined by factors having little to do with what I’m really looking for… what I’m looking for may be buried so deep that I’ll never find [it].”

And, naturally, one of the solutions:

“… after a few weeks, I’m finding that I use [Surf Canyon] all the time. It helps that the bull’s eye icons are easy to ignore, and don’t interrupt or slow down the flow of pages or change the look of search results. The bull’s eyes are there subtly reminding you that when you get to a link that looks relevant enough to click, you can use that as a starting point to narrow your search and bring things up from way, way below.”

Arun Radhakrishnan at the Search Engine Journal also conducted a little Q&A with Surf Canyon.

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