Best Search Engine: Winner!

March 4th, 2010 Best Search Engine has posted the winners of their 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards and we’re thrilled to announce that Surf Canyon won in the category of Best Search Engine. In their own words,

“The race for the Best Search Engine was intriguing, with a relatively unknown newcomer, Surf Canyon, picking up 48% of the votes and beating out search engine powerhouses Google, Yahoo! and Bing.”

Charles Knight at The Next Web Search covered the story and had this to say:

“Surf Canyon is Google on steroids (but it also works on Yahoo!, Bing, and Craigslist).  It turbo charges your web searches.”

We would like to thank our fans who voted for Surf Canyon as well as all of the users and partners who have helped to make our search engine what it is today.

[Update 3/5/10] It’s wonderful when we get coverage from all over the globe. Following up on the story above, Computer Plaything in Taiwan had a wonderfully detailed review of our application. From the translation we got this:

The greatest impact Surf Canyon is the beginning of my article, I want to resolve the issues raised: how to efficiently tap the “search results page after the second” To me beads may be useful for those left behind of regret? Surf Canyon will simply beyond the second page of the first page of search results into related projects and, based on experience to optimize your click-related effects, to meet individual needs.

Surf Canyon not only to expand the list of a layer of relevant recommendations of the links, but also based on first layer, then you are more interested in results, to continue to expand (excavation) Other search content. Directly on the home page you will be able to continue to explore, level by level.

First of all, Surf Canyon can really help you put several pages inside the back extract relevant results.

Surf Canyon site where banners read, “Unleash the Power of Search (liberation of the potential of search engines)” and “Real-time Search Personalization (real-time search for Personalized)”, very apt expression of the Surf Canyon uses.

We’ve also taken the liberty of including one of the screen shots, because it looks really cool:

Computer Plaything Screen Shot

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