“Research Potential is Incredible”

August 21st, 2008

Ed Rasimus, who spent 23 years flying fast jets for the USAF, 10 years doing computer software reviews for ZDNet and who wrote two books on his combat experiences, had this to say today on his blog:

“Searches with Google or Yahoo are enhanced with a nifty extension called Surf Canyon. Get a Google hit list and choose a site as you normally would. When you return to the list, Surf Canyon will have added a sub-folder of additional sites supplemental to the one you just looked at. The drill-down research potential is incredible.”

We are big fans of Ed.

Greg Hollingsworth at How To Split An Atom also had some great things to say in his Top 10 list of Firefox plugins for Networking Addicts:

 “This is a really nice add-on that significantly enhances my search engine results… It makes it a lot easier to dig into your search results, thus shortening the window between searching for and finding what you’re really looking for.”

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