v1.1.3 Released

August 22nd, 2008

Late last night we released the latest version of our application.

The first important change is that we altered the frequency with which we deliver “recommendations.” With previous versions we would always deliver at least one recommended search result in response to a user action. With v1.1.3, however, all recommended search results must satisfy a minimum relevancy threshold. If none do, then none will be displayed. The exception is that clicking the bull’s eye will always generate at least one recommended search result, as before.

For Firefox, we also changed the navigation to subsequent pages of results at the bottom of the screen. The pages are still rolled out downward, however, the “More Results” link has been removed in favor of the initial navigation provided by the search engine. Here are, respectively, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Live Search:

Google Bottom Navigation

Yahoo! Bottom Navigation

Microsoft Live Bottom Navigation

Lastly, this version of the application is compatible with recent changes made to the Google search results page. Earlier version are, therefore, no longer supported. If you don’t have the latest version, please upgrade!

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