Kudos from Network World

October 8th, 2008

Mark Gibbs at Network World recently evaluated our application and had this to say in his article entitled “Surf Canyon improves search…really”:

“In use, Surf Canyon is very pleasantly discrete and for the first week or so you’ll probably forget to use it. Even so, eventually you’ll start clicking on the bullseye logos and you’ll get hooked. Exactly how the service works isn’t spelled out in any detail, but this is definitely a case where explaining the product doesn’t work very well and where using the product is the proof. Surf Canyon (no, I have no idea why it is called that) is free and definitely worth using.”

For what it’s worth, “Surf” comes from “surfing the internet” and “Canyon” implies how the application digs “deep” into the search results to find relevant information.

Update (10/13/2008) – Jason Meserve at Network World today published this interview with Surf Canyon CEO Mark Cramer.

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