v1.1.4 – Categorically Speaking

October 16th, 2008

Today we released the latest version of our application.

The big, new feature, which some of you might already have seen recently, is “Categories”. While similar to clustering, these Categories are based on real-time actions and will help you to “drill down” on your search through a better understanding of your “at the moment” intent.

Screen Shot of Categories

Additionally, the update includes other minor fixes and enhancements, including correcting an issue with some types of Google links.

Update (10/23/08) – Jean-Marie Gall, one of our fans from France, returned to spread the word of the recent release. We’ve taken the liberty of translating his feedback in the comments:

“From the moment Surf Canyon was installed on my laptop, always happy, never any worries, I could not do without it given how much I’m used to it for my research…”

Christophe Deschamps at Outils Froids had this to say while announcing both the new version of Inquisitor and Surf Canyon:

“Inquisitor accelerates your informational researches (but Surf Canyon does it even better)”

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