The Academic Treatment

November 2nd, 2008

In our last press release we revealed that Professor Michael Flower of Interdisciplinary Science Studies at Portland State University has become addicted to Surf Canyon and, as such, has begun recommending the application to his students.

Now we learn that Professor Pawel Frelik of Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, Poland, has added Surf Canyon, along with Cuil, PowerSet and Hakia (we’re on a panel with Hakia at the Fourth Annual Piper Jaffray Global Internet Summit in a couple of weeks), to the curriculum for his course on New Media Methodology. The course, co-designed and taught by Ms. Beata Marczynska-Fedorowicz as part of their new Master of Arts Program, aims at familiarizing students with available technologies which can be used in the humanities as well as at developing strategies of information retrieval and storage that are precisely suitable for people in the arts.

According to Professor Frelik:

“Searching for and finding relevant information is one of the holy grails of the Internet. While standard search engines offer sufficient result quality for casual users, those who wish to power-search and save time have to look for more specialized tools. SurfCanyon is exactly one of those and the recommendation it offers are always very valuable.”

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