v1.1.6 – SearchWiki Compatibility

November 21st, 2008

Yesterday Google began its roll-out of SearchWiki and Surf Canyon’s v1.1.6 was only a few hours behind.

When logged into Google, SearchWiki enables users to personalize their individual search pages by “promoting” results to the top  and “removing” results from the page by clicking icons. The latest version of our real-time implicit personalization application is now compatible with the explicit user customization offered by SearchWiki. Results that are “promoted” take their nested recommendations with them, as do results that are “removed.”

SearchWiki with Surf Canyon

Update (11/24/08) – Darrell Etherington at Web Worker Daily, writing a post about the new SearchWiki, coincidentally enough also has Surf Canyon installed, which he describes as a:

“very handy results mining Firefox extension.”

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