Top 10 Alternative Search Engines for 2008!

December 19th, 2008

ReadWriteWeb Best Products 2008We are honored to announce that ReadWriteWeb has selected Surf Canyon as one of the Top Ten Alternative Search Engines for 2008! According to Charles Knight, Editor of AltSearchEngines:

“… Surf Canyon understands implicitly what you are looking for.”

“As evidence of just how much the landscape is changing, three of our top 10 products require one-time downloads: once thought to be the kiss of death when Google sits in wait. But AltSearchEngines thinks that 2009 will be the tipping point when the rewards outweigh the “risks,” at least for power users. For everyone else: 2010. Faroo, KallOut, and Surf Canyon (and, again, Tazti) are all well worth leaving your comfort zone for.”

“Can I say it again? Search, after ten years, is no longer that ubiquitous box in the middle of the web page. In 2008, it gave way to innovative search tools that integrate useful features in new ways. Surf Canyon is also a download. I wonder how many commenters will say that no one will download an app? (Sigh.) The reason it’s worth the download is that it turbo charges your regular searches. Surf Canyon actually watches what you do — and don’t do — and what you click on, and it instantly pulls search results from deeper pages (say, page 8 ) and brings them forward if it determines that they can save you time — a lot of time. And if you’re still hesitant about the download, watch the video.”

Update (12/21/08) – Gwen Harris at Internet News had this comment on the Top 10 List:

“I’m one who would rather not download… but Surf Canyon was irresistible.”

Update (12/23/08) – Richard MacManus at ReadWriteWeb followed up with their Top 100 Products of 2008, which includes Surf Canyon in the Alternative Search Engine category. This article was picked up by the New York Times.

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