Happy Birthday to Us!

February 19th, 2009

Birthday CakeSurf Canyon has been around since April of 2006, however, it was one year ago today that we launched our application to some very flattering reviews. Since then, there have been a number of exciting achievements during our first year:

  • Over 500 thousand people benefited from our search technology
  • Over 80 million queries on Google, Yahoo!, Live Search and Craigslist were enhanced using our real-time re-ranking
  • Over 350 million search results were “recommended”
  • We shared the Mossberg Solution column in the WSJ with Google and were very well received
  • ReadWriteWeb selected us as one of the Top 100 Products and Top 10 Alternative Search Engines of 2008
  • Mozilla, the makers of Firefox, added us to their list of “Recommended” add-ons

As such, we are today officially removing the “Beta” label from our website and application.

The path for most every start-up is long and difficult and we continue to have a considerable amount of road before us. While we will inevitably face many new challenges, we’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to some of the people who’ve helped us to get this far:

  • Mozilla for facilitating the development of add-ons as well as providing tremendous feedback and invaluable assistance in distributing the application
  • Microsoft for prominently including our application in the IE Gallery and for SilkRoad
  • Yahoo! for BOSS
  • All of the companies who’ve built amazing search engines upon which we build
  • Our investors for putting their confidence in our vision
  • All of the journalists and bloggers who took the time and made the effort to evaluate our software
  • All of the people who’ve downloaded our application and the thousands of people who’ve generously offered their encouragement, feedback, praise, criticisms, comments and advice

While it’s fun to look back at our accomplishments, we’re now focused on the year ahead and are very excited about the future.

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