v2.0.2 – Real-time Personalization Enhanced With Real-Time Results

March 10th, 2009

It wasn’t too long ago that we pushed out v2.0.1, but v2.0.2 could not wait. Perhaps that’s because it has to do with real-time information for your searches on the major search engines.

Back in December, ReadWriteWeb start talking about how Twitter, a very popular micro-blogging service, could deliver search results “in real time.” Search engines typically have to index a page before it can be searched, which requires time. Searching Twitter, however, enables access to real-time information as there is no built in latency. As soon as someone Tweets it, you can search it.

OneRiot, a new social search engine that find the “pulse” of the web, also delivers real-time information. They keep a running record of the contents of the Internet, however, unlike other search engines, they prioritize that information based on its current (i.e. real-time) popularity. That makes OneRiot’s search results, as they say, “relevant, fresh, friendly and pulsing with the real-time energy of the web.”

Now with Surf Canyon you can have all these real-time results inserted directly onto the search pages of your favorite search engines. Go to my.SurfCanyon.com and check the boxes for Twitter and OneRiot. The next time you search on Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft Live, should real-time results be available and relevant then they’ll automatically be inserted onto the page.

Twitter and OneRiot

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