Search Cloudlet Collaborates with Surf Canyon to Launch New Search Site

June 9th, 2009

Search Cloudlet LogoThis morning at the Launch: Silicon Valley 2009, Surf Canyon announced the launch of a collaborative effort with Search Cloudlet to produce a search site, available at, combining the two company’s complimentary technologies. In addition to having the opportunity to demonstrate the new product at LSV 2009, Josh Lowensohn, associate editor for CNET’s, covered the launch and had this to say:

“The benefits of using this tool over Google alone are numerous… You… get Search Cloudlet’s sorting technology, which lets you filter results by domain or keyword from its word cloud. You also get Surf Canyon’s related results feature, which can recommend results from pages that appear deeper in a search. In my quick go, this was pulling up results from as deep as 25 pages (or 250 results from the top result) into a search.”

Charles Knight at AltSearchEngines also reported the launch. The press release is below.

Surf Canyon and Search Cloudlet Combine Their Technologies For Search

Mountain View, CA – June 09, 2009 – Surf Canyon and Search Cloudlet today announced, at Launch: Silicon Valley 2009 (, the release of a new search engine, available at, which combines both of their technologies to offer users a fast and innovative method for finding information on the internet.

Surf Canyon develops technology for real-time implicit search personalization which assists users in finding relevant information buried within the often overwhelming quantity of search results. The software figures out what the user wants and then automatically recommends more relevant search results. By observing the user’s behavior as the search is taking place, Surf Canyon’s technology builds a real-time model of inferred intent, which is then used to calculate the “instantaneous relevancies” of documents in the result set. The instantaneous relevancies are then used to immediately move forward the most pertinent documents while pushing back those that are less relevant.

INTSPEI Search Cloudlet creates tag clouds for your search results, suggesting which keywords you should add to the search to narrow it in the most powerful way. Unlike existing cloud-based search tools, the Search Cloudlet offers context-sensitive navigation clouds: for web search, it provides tag-cloud, server-cloud and net-cloud search refinement tools. There are two main ways that Search Cloudlet helps users improve their search experience. First, it helps them efficiently narrow the search: a user should simply click on a cloud item (tag, server, etc.) to add it to (or remove from) the query. Second, it helps to provide a summary of all search results without even reviewing them – the cloud is located on the top of the page, so users do not even need to scroll down to learn what the resulting pages are about.

Surf Canyon and Search Cloudlet were initially offered as browser extensions. Now, however, both of these technologies are combined into an online search engine which does not require any downloads or installation in order to benefit from the combined technologies. Click and try the integrated Surf Canyon plus Search Cloudlet engine.

About Surf Canyon

Surf Canyon develops real-time implicit personalization technology for internet search. Its patent-pending Discovery Engine for Search™ transforms result pages from lists of static links into dynamic knowledge resources, enabling users to more quickly and easily find pertinent information buried among all the irrelevant results, significantly accelerating the search process. The company is headquartered in Oakland, CA and was founded in 2006. For more information please visit


The International Software and Productivity Engineering Institute (INTSPEI, is a research organization with main office in Kiev (Ukraine). INTSPEI incubates, develops and distributes advanced productivity and software engineering tools based on the original award-winning research conducted by its founders since 2001.


Update (6/10/2009) – Both CenterNetworks and Free Technology for Teachers wrote about the launch.

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