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July 7th, 2009

GlobeOver the past few months there has been considerable discussion regarding Surf Canyon everywhere from Bengaluru to Sarawa, which we’d like to recap.

Wesley Fok with The Globe and Mail, Canada’s largest-circulation national newspaper, added Surf Canyon to his short list of “key free apps:”

 “Surf Canyon works on Google, Yahoo and Bing, so no matter your personal taste in search engines, refined search results are but an extension install away.”

Darleen Hartley with the ITExaminer in Bengaluru, India posted an article dedicated to Surf Canyon and entitled, “Personalising your web searches couldn’t be easier or cheaper.” Also, the Chief of the Bibliographic Information at the University of Oviedo had this to say (translated from Spanish) on

“Some time ago I started using Surf Canyon for improving the results of my search and I am enchanted with this invention… SurfCanyon allows us to recover a large amount of information with simple clicks from the first page, without having to move pages and pages… So the result is happy, wonderful, amazing … Once you use it you get addicted.”

Chuah Kee Man in Kuching/Samarahan, Sarawak chose Surf Canyon to be one of the “Top 10 Super Firefox Addons for Efficient Researchers” on Complicated Simplicity:

 “While Google is often a researcher’s search engine of choice, there are times when you don’t find what you are looking for on Google. For those times, there is Surf Canyon.”

From Italy, 100web2.0 posted this (translated from Italian):

 “The use of the tool is simple… In this way you can get the information you want (for approximations) in a few clicks.”

From the UK, Macworld added Surf Canyon to their list of “The best Mac add-ons for Safari and Firefox:”

“If search results from Google, Yahoo, MSN and Craigslist don’t give you the detail you want, Surf Canyon may be the add-on you’ve been looking for.”

Update [8/5/2009] – Pablo Fonseca of La Nación in San José, Costa Rica, had this to say (translated from Spanish):

“I have been trying it for a few days and it has led me to a couple good surprises. I have the slight impression that the program is understanding me and each time carries out better work, offering to me Web pages that are better related to what I’m looking for. I recommend downloading the application and using it for at least a week in order to give it a true opportunity to act.”

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