“Fully Dynamic” Search on TechCrunch

October 12th, 2010

Alexia Tsotsis at TechCrunch has posted an article about the new “Fully Dynamic” search being offered by Surf Canyon. As users know, Surf Canyon has been making search dynamic for some time. Recently, however, with the launch of Instant, Google has also started to make search dynamic. As explained by Mark Cramer, CEO of Surf Canyon, the two are not only compatible, but complimentary:

“Dynamic” is the future of search and we feel we have a critical element to add to that. Instant makes the page faster (dynamically updating the SERP after every key press), however, our innovation makes it more relevant (dynamically updating the order of results after every mouse click). The two together (Google Instant + Surf Canyon) make the search experience “Fully Dynamic.”

There are presently two ways to experience Fully Dynamic search: at the newly launched instant.SurfCanyon.com and, as always, by navigating over to Google after downloading our browser extension.

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