My lower intestine is full of Spam, Egg, Spam, Bacon, Spam, Tomatoes, Spam

February 7th, 2011

There has been a bit of discussion recently about how content farms (websites that use low-cost labor to churn out pages of little or mediocre quality) are polluting the results on the major search engines. Blekko, a new search engine that enables users to slash the web, has been among those leading the charge by pledging to remove content farm sites from its results. Blekko reports that 1 million new spam pages, which may harm users, steal publisher traffic and defraud advertisers, are created every hour.

As of last Thursday, Surf Canyon now offers users the option of having these same content farm results automatically removed from their searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Simply download the latest version of our browser extension and then either click the button here or go to the Domains tab at, select the “Remove content farm sites from the search page” box and save your preference. It is that easy.

ProductivityPortfolio blogged about this new feature this morning. It is unclear how they discovered the capability since we are only announcing it right now, but good for them!


Note: The title of this post is from the Monty Python sketch.

[Update 2/16/11 – David Harry, with whom we spoke previously, references Mark Cramer and offers his take on the content farm situation in the latest issue of Search Engine Land.]

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