June 24th, 2014

Surf Canyon CEO Mark Cramer was honored to be interviewed by Robert Scoble on May 27th. While we always enjoy talking about how our technology dramatically improves the search experience, it is especially exciting to do so with such a renowned blogger and evangelist, who has a studio with three cameras. Here is a table of contents:

0m40s – Introduction with Apple ][ nostalgia.
1m40s – Elevator pitch.
5m50s – Live demonstration.
8m10s – Discussion of real-time contextualization for search.
9m20s – Why doesn’t Google do this? Hard to say given that it works so well.
10m55s – Speculation regarding impact on advertisements.
12m35s – Review of business.
13m23s – Mobile discussion.
15m50s – Review of funding.
16m10s – What’s next?

Thank you, Robert!

Tags: Demonstration Media Presentations