Welcome to Rank Dynamics

July 2nd, 2015

After nine years operating under the name Surf Canyon, we are pleased to announce our new branding. The real-time contextualization at the heart of our Dynamic Ranking technology, which has received rave reviews from users, the media and the search community, and has produced dramatic improvements in relevance over Google, will still be at the core of our vision, but the company will now be doing business as Rank Dynamics.

The switch coincides with a shift in focus from consumer applications, specifically browser extensions, to enterprise software sales. The old brand will continue to exist for those individuals interested in adding a significant boost in relevance to their searches on Google, but our attention is now focused on providing a easy way for businesses to enhance their native search. Particularly, we are going to be looking at e-commerce search as here we have first order evidence of our ability to enhance revenue.

To all the users and business partners who have enabled us to create, develop and optimize our technology while delivering Dynamic Ranking for almost 7 billion queries, we say, “Thank you.” We are excited about this next chapter in our growth.

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